Time For Change In 2012?

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The New Year is always an exciting time. A time to start a fresh, become that perfect wife, husband and parent, full of energy, healthy and happy. Time to reflect on the changes we need and want, and resolve to follow through on them. There are no surprises that weight loss and getting fit are […]

Here’s your SUMMER ‘good look’ checklist to start NOW!

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S- STEADY does it. It has been proven that a steady weight loss of no more than 1kg per week is realistic and achievable. Fad diets or shake diets can result in a quick loss of weight, but this loss is not all fat and not maintained long term. U- UNDERSTAND what you put in […]

Did you know…..


An Australian dies from Heart Disease every 23 minutes. It is still Australia’s biggest killer and that is not good enough. With less than half of Australian adults physically active enough to gain the health benefits to prevent cardiovascular disease, it does not look promising for our future. Do you want to ensure that you […]

Sport- Is Your Child Involved?


There are so many opportunities for children to become involved in Physical Activity these days, where do you start? Which are best? How much is too much? How can I fit it in with their other extra-curricular activities and not push them too hard? It is important that children are exposed to different types of […]

Are You Getting Results?


Mums regularly chat about how their body used to be. How they just can’t seem to tone up those flabby bits. How they have no time to exercise like they used to.

What Does ‘Exercise’ Mean To You?

Erin Barnes

I often hear….. ’I’ve never really enjoyed exercising or I’m not really a gym person’. To that I would say ……‘Most people don’t or aren’t’.