Is it your hormones, or are you just moody?

This is a question that many mothers ask.  It can be a tricky question to answer without knowing a full background on your diet, stress levels, personal fulfillment level and exercise type and frequency.   In saying that, diet, stress and exercise will each have an impact on your hormones, so I have included a series […]

Choose your HOT CROSS BUNS wisely…..

How to choose wisely this Easter........ (2)

Hot Cross Buns.  I love them at Easter, but after a closer review of the ingredients used by large chain supermarkets and large chain bakeries, I now choose to make my own. I am confident that most people would be aware that hot cross buns are not very nutritious due to their high sugar and salt content, […]

7 tips maintaining your well-being on a busy schedule

scheduling intentions

In our home we call it ‘scheduling intentions’.   An hour of our precious time committed to planning the week ahead.  The scheduled intentions are always flexible, so as to live in the moment when it calls, but the process ensures that our non-negotiables are achieved and that we grow in all areas important to […]

Fear of………


Within each of us is the potential to make powerful change.  We can enlarge our lives physically, mentally, emotionally and intuitively, and we can succeed if we master the skill of governing our fears.  No one is exempt from personal fear.  Fear of not being accomplished enough, not attractive enough, not wealthy enough, not courageous […]

Time For Change In 2012?

new years - Sunny Coast Kids

The New Year is always an exciting time. A time to start a fresh, become that perfect wife, husband and parent, full of energy, healthy and happy. Time to reflect on the changes we need and want, and resolve to follow through on them. There are no surprises that weight loss and getting fit are […]

Did you know…..


An Australian dies from Heart Disease every 23 minutes. It is still Australia’s biggest killer and that is not good enough. With less than half of Australian adults physically active enough to gain the health benefits to prevent cardiovascular disease, it does not look promising for our future. Do you want to ensure that you […]

Sport- Is Your Child Involved?


There are so many opportunities for children to become involved in Physical Activity these days, where do you start? Which are best? How much is too much? How can I fit it in with their other extra-curricular activities and not push them too hard? It is important that children are exposed to different types of […]